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United in Service

ARHS is proud of our students who just returned from a week long service trip to Guatemala.  What outstanding global citizens!

ARHS Viking Hockey Schedule 2014


Nov. 15, Saturday

AWAY vs Hants East



Nov. 20, Thursday     

AWAY vs CEC                     


Truro Stadium

Nov. 23, Sunday

HOME vs DALBRAE           



Nov. 28-30




Dec. 6, Saturday

AWAY vs Northumberland



Dec. 12, Friday

HOME vs Hants East



Teachers Took Time on Friday to focus on the Problem Solving Process

Teachers practice the 4 Step Problem Solving process in order to ensure they can support students.  The better students become at problem solving, the greater success we will see in their mathematics success and in their success in other subjects as well.  Professional Development was led by Mathematics Department Head, Mrs. K. Power.

Silver for Senior Boys' Vikings

Word just came in that the Senior Boys' Vikings earned silver at the basketball tournament they attended in Miramichi this weekend.  They won both games yesterday and played the championship today at 4 pm against Miramichi Valley High School.

The girls came in 4th in their tournament.

Congratulations to both teams and your coaches on your solid representation of Amherst High. 

WE Day Food Drive Finishing Up on Friday

The WE Day Food Drive is wrapping up this Friday.  Parents, students and staff are encouraged to donate over the next two days.  Bringing an item to Parent-Teachers is certainly encouraged by the team of 20 students who are supported by the leadership team of Mrs. Stull-White, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Stubbert.

Consent Form for Permission to Publish Student Photos

ARHS is getting a new web page, soon we hope.  Meanwhile, we are hoping to get families used to visiting our site more regularly.  By showcasing the many great things happening at ARHS, we think you'll have a reason to drop by a little more regularly.  Our students are incredibly talented and open to learning.  Our staff are instilling strong values in our youth and teaching your children in varied and creative ways.  Why not drop by and see if your child has made it to our page?

In order to showcase your child, we need a signed permission form (attached) that will allow us to use his/her photo and/or name on our page (the form is good for other forms of media as well).  If you could print the form, fill it out and have your son/daughter return it to the office, we'll start sharing our celebratory news.

Thanks for your assistance and we hope you enjoy the website. 

ARHS Spirit Wear On Sale

Here's a great chance to order some ARHS Spirit Wear for your son/daughter for Christmas gifts.  Contact Mr. Fred Gould or any of his CEP students to place an order.

See the attachment to view the many options available.

Dragon Boat Fundraiser

Students on the ARHS Dragon Boat team are currently fundraising for a worthy cause.  They are selling giftware from the NORCARD Holiday Cheer book.  All orders need to be placed by November 18th.  Proceeds will be going to Christmas Daddies.

Order Options:  Stationery, Greeting Cards, gifts and more.

To place an order, please contact any student on the ARHS Dragon Boat team, Mrs. Stubbert or contact the office.

Mr. Weatherbee--Supporting Students Is What He Does

Derrick Weatherbee, long time ARHS custodian, helps out the PHYSICS12 students with their egg drop experiements.

Colombian Students Celebrated

Four Colombian students and their teacher received certificated today from Principal Hoar.  They depart for home tomorrow.

Included in the photo are their ESL teachers, Mr. Steve Blum and Ms. Nikki Woolaver.  (November 7, 2014)

Holocaust Survivor, Philip Riteman, with Linxi Zhang.

Linxi Zhang, a new student from China this year, posted a photo with Philip Riteman, Holocaust Survivor.  (November 3, 2014)   (N

Shannex Looking for Student Volunteers

Shannex's Recreation Department is looking for volunteers to work with their seniors.  For more information, contact Mrs. Hoar or Ms. Dewar.

Amherst Teens on Service Trip to Guatemala

    On Saturday, a group of Cumberland County teenagers are embarking on what could be a life-changing service trip to Central America this week.

    Through Our Guatemala, the nine-day trip will see the group work at orphanages and build bunkbeds in rural Mayan communities.

    “It’s an incredible experience that will help the poorest of the poor Guatemalans and, I believe, forever impact the Canadian students who are helping them,” says Leceta Chisholm Gibault, co-ordinator of Our Guatemala.

   The high school students taking part include Danielle Brown, Ashlyn and Chelsea Brownell, Mia Furlong, Gina Grattan, Risha Minocha, Jadyn Soehner and Kelsey Weeks.

    The group will bring mattresses and Guatemalan-made bunkbeds --- bought through fundraising efforts ---- to the homes of identified families in need and remove what was being used as beds. This could mean anything from twigs to cinder blocks, wood pallets or nothing at all.

       The students will also plan activities with children at the two orphanages --- El Amor de Patricia and Rosa de Amor --- and spend time in villages where local leaders will highlight projects relating to sanitation and food production projects that aid in combating chronic malnutrition.

          “A village tour like this is a must to truly understand the level of poverty in Guatemala and why many children might end up in orphanages,” explains Chisholm Gibault.

         After months of fundraising and planning, the students are in the final preparatory phase and excited to embark on the trip they hope will affect change in Central America.

          “It was an eye-opening, life-changing experience for the both of us,” says Chelsea, who travelled with her sister Ashlyn and mother Denise on a similar trip and are now helping co-ordinate this venture.

          With only a few days to go before the trip, Mia Furlong is eagerly anticipating a classroom where local people are the teachers and global partnership is the curriculum.                  

         “I look at this as an excellent opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these children,” she says.

         At Amherst Regional High School, Principal Pamela Hoar has been enjoying hearing about the group’s progress as their travel date approaches.  "We are proud of our youth who see the value of being active citizens in our global community,” she says. “Each one is an outstanding leader who is out there helping others while modelling these positive actions for their peers. They are talking the talk and walking the walk. ARHS staff and students wish them a very positive experience and look forward to hearing their stories of success and growth."

        [Submitted by Donald Furlong]

Holocaust Survivor Philip Riteman Presents

Remembrance Day has even more meaning for the students of ARHS and NSCC who had the opportunity to listen to Holocaust survivor, Philip Riteman, when he spoke Monday, November 3rd.  NSCC and ARHS partnered to bring Mr. Riteman's story to their students.

GRAD PHOTOS -- November 18-20

Pridhams Photography will be here November 18-20 for graduation photos.  Appointments can be made in the Main Office.

Cost:  Sitting Fee = $5.00

           Retake Fee = $25.00

Please remember, even if you choose not to purchase your child's graduation photos from Pridhams, they are responsible for our Composite that we hang on the wall each year.  If your child has a sitting for $5.00, we can ensure his/her photo will be on the composite and in the yearbook, even if s/he does not wish to purchase the final photos from Pridhams. 

It is possible to have photos taken at another shop.  If you do, please ensure they will send us a print for the composite and the yearbook.  Letting us know of your decision will help us to make sure no one gets left off the composite or out of the yearbook.

Winter Weather Is Coming

Winter Weather is Coming!

The days are getting colder and with each dip in the thermometer we move one step closer to winter

weather: icy roads, snow and freezing rain. For CCRSB schools, winter weather means the potential

closure of schools when conditions are considered unsafe for our students and staff.

Decisions regarding school cancellations are made by CCRSB’s Operational Services Department and

generally happen in the early morning (before 6:30 am) or mid-day. We try our best not to have mid-day

cancellations, but sometimes an unexpected change in the weather makes the decision for us. In those

cases, it is important that our schools have the most up-to-date contact information for parents and

guardians, and that parents and guardians have alternative arrangements in place for their children,

before a cancellation takes place.

Mid-day cancellations can also be complicated by busing. Many buses in CCRSB transport students to

and from multiple schools, in a set order. This same order of pick-up and drop-off will still apply in the

case of a mid-day cancellation. So, though schools may close at 10:00 am, for example, students may

not be dropped off until an hour or more later, depending on where their school is on the regular pickup

and drop-off order.

Whether first thing in the morning, or mid-day, cancellations due to weather conditions will be

announced in several ways:

The “All Schools Open” button on the CCRSB home page ( changes to red. By

clicking on the button, you can get closure information specific to our Family of Schools.

A message regarding the cancellation is posted to the CCRSB home page under “News”; to the

CCRSB Facebook page (; and to our Twitter feed


Information is sent to all local radio and television stations within the CCRSB, including CBC radio

in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and CFCY radio in Charlottetown.

CCRSB thanks all parents, guardians and students for their patience and understanding as we move

through the start of the winter season. Please know that all decisions regarding cancellations are made

with great care for the safety of students and staff. 


The Rotary Club is holding a fundraiser for the Rotary Centennial Park on Thursday, October 30th @ 7:00 pm. Coming to town is the 35-member Stadacona Concert Band who will be playing at the Susan Taylor Theatre at ARHS. The concert will be part of the Amherst 125 celebrations and the WWII Veterans and those from the Korean War will be honoured.

  The concert is open to the public: $10.00 Adults, $7.00 Students & Seniors and $5.00 for children 12 and under. 

Congratulations Provincial Banner Winners -- Boys Baseball

Congratulations is extended to our Vikings Baseball team and Coach Collins who won the provincial banner on Saturday.  Bravo Team!

Post-Secondary Educational Fair

Our 2014 Post-Secondary Educational Fair will be held in the ARHS Gymnasium on Tuesday, October 21st from 7pm-8pm for both parents and students (grades 9-12) and again on the morning of
Wednesday, October 22nd  for grades 10, 11 & 12 students.  Parents, you are invited to come Tuesday evening, with or without your child, to talk to the many university and college representatives who will be available and to pick up materials to help in planning your child’s future educational prospects. 

Contact Mr. Van Snick or Mrs. MacKay in guidance for further details. 

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