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GRAD PHOTOS -- November 18-20

Pridhams Photography will be here November 18-20 for graduation photos.  Appointments can be made in the Main Office.

Cost:  Sitting Fee = $5.00

           Retake Fee = $25.00

Please remember, even if you choose not to purchase your child's graduation photos from Pridhams, they are responsible for our Composite that we hang on the wall each year.  If your child has a sitting for $5.00, we can ensure his/her photo will be on the composite and in the yearbook, even if s/he does not wish to purchase the final photos from Pridhams. 

It is possible to have photos taken at another shop.  If you do, please ensure they will send us a print for the composite and the yearbook.  Letting us know of your decision will help us to make sure no one gets left off the composite or out of the yearbook.

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